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A Shadow Over Nowhere is Out!


It’s that time again! The last Spellbinder Saga Novella is up on Amazon! It’s been a great, worthwhile journey for me. I’ve learnt a lot, trying to write it as TBC series rather than a standalone novel. Mainly that people don’t enjoy TBCs series as much as things with a firm ending which is finally here 😉. So that's it! The whole story is out there now for people to enjoy (or not, let me know!).

Thanks so much for your support. I’ve seen the mailing list steadily growing. Though the reviews aren’t flying in, I think we’ve reached a thousand copies of SBS sold/downloaded over all the sites which honestly exceeded my expectations. I know I should do more work trying to market books, but I struggle to put stuff out there on social media. I overthink things, and I don’t want to come across as disingenuous, also I’ve never really been much of a user of social media before now… I don’t really understand the rules and find that worrying about it and engaging with it takes time away from writing, which I’d honestly rather be doing. Soft-spoken writer monk as a friend of mine used to say.

It’s not because I’m not proud of SBS, I am! Extremely. It was ambitious, it’s got problems, sure, pacing could be better, it’s not as smooth as I’d like it to be, but it’s a fun, exciting, and epic story that’s got lots of awesome scenes and fun characters. I think 😊.

Writing SBS has been a great learning experience. Between SBS and the other novels I’ve completed this year, I feel like I’m ten times the writer I was last year when I started trying to put words down on the page after a five year break.

This year, I’ve completed two other novels besides the SBS novellas and started three more, one of which I’ll finish this month (October) and start submitting in December 2020. I’d really like to get a traditional publishing deal. So I’m going to keep submitting one of those two novels after more rounds of edits and another round of beta feedback. I’m hoping the Sci-fi book I’m working on now, Apex, is going to be the one to do it if the comedic fantasy I’ve sent out to a couple agents doesn’t get any bites.

Below is a list of sites. Some where you can download the first two SBS novellas for free, others where they are still being sold, places where you can leave reviews, and comments, and engage with my books and fellow readers. If you haven’t joined good reads, I’d urge you to. I did it this year because I was told as a writer I had to. It’s honestly an awesome place where I’ve discovered a lot of books that are getting the attention they deserve and a lot of writers who are making wonderful things and deserve more praise for their art.

Even though it’s unlikely I’ll have another release this year unless I decide to self-publish my comedic fantasy, I’m still around. I’m still working. Every day. Chipping away at word counts, trying to put what I see in my mind into words that make a reader feel something. I’m always keen to learn, to talk to readers and fellow writers, to understand what they liked and what they didn’t (and why) because I want to be great at this writing thing and I’m going to keep trying until I get there. I’d rather fail at this than be successful at anything else.

Thanks for supporting me. Thanks for the reviews. Thanks for being a reader.



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