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SBS 3 - There's No Place Like Home is out

Hello Wonderful Readers, Spellbinders, Druids, Bards, Warriors, and Surly Wizards!

Today is the release of another Spellbinder Saga Novella! Book 3, There’s No Place Like Home is available on Amazon. Whoop! It’s another fun instalment in the Artemis story with some new characters, some long-awaited showdowns, and one or two sneaky tricks.

Beta-reader feedback:

“I really like the look back at the main characters … (spoilers) … it's nice to see what drove them to leave and become bounty hunters.”

I agree. It was important to me that we understand our heroes pasts a bit. Although, Brad, your suggestion of doing an Artemis prequel is an idea I like the sound of more and more. Might be a project for next year!

“There are a lot of great twists and turns in the story.”

“Fun reading!”

Thank you.

Thanks once again to Ruivo for our incredible cover.

Some housekeeping:

I’m considering making book 1 free for a couple weeks in the next month to acquire some new readers, but I don’t want my early supporters to feel cheated for having bought it. So if you’ve purchased the first book, I’d like to give you a copy of book 3 for free any time this month on Amazon. Just send me a comment on my site or if you have my email address from chatting to me previously send me an email. I’ll send you a copy of book 3 no questions asked.

As usual, book 3 will be cheaper for the first month, only $1 and then next month it’ll rise to the regular retail price of $3.

If you could spare the time to leave a review on Amazon or on the Good reads page I’d be so appreciative – it really helps with getting the books more visibility. You can also leave reviews after reading it on your kindle by scrolling to the last page. I’m very happy with the 5 stars, but I think more important than stars, a useful review talks about the problems with a book as well as what made it enjoyable. I learn from it, and other readers take note of it. As always I’m incredibly grateful for your generosity, it helps me and the books immensely.

Book 4 & 5 will release at the end of August/early September and end of September, respectively. But, Rhett, you said, “One a month.” I did! I’m sorry. The reason for delaying book 4’s release by a month is two-fold. One, I need to give the beta readers a break – between Artemis and a novel I’m hoping to query in September some of them haven’t read another person’s writing in a few months. Two, the writing quality and editing get better with each novella (I hope), so I’d really like to have book 4 & 5 beta read and edited together to ensure they are of the highest quality and I don’t miss out on tying up anything vital to the plot.

On a slightly different note, I hope you’re taking a bit of time for yourself, being present with family or friends or chatting to them more if you’re isolating. Please take a break to practice a little bit of self-care whatever that means to you: read, meditate, go for a walk, play with the pets or your kids, or whatever recharges your batteries. You’re not alone! This virus sucks, but we’ll get through it!

Happy reading! I hope you enjoy book 3. Stay safe!




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