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Spellbinder Saga 2: The Nowhere Junction is out

Updated: May 25, 2020

Book 2 of Spellbinder Saga.

Artemis discovers Nowhere and the gods burst on to the scene in their own special ways. Beta readers are saying:

"An excellent continuation of the first book and has a really good flow to it"

- thank you!

"So much fun!"

- that's the goal here. I'm not writing the next Great Gatsby, I'm writing fun, silly books with zany characters. It's a battle to get the tone right - serious sh*t happens sometimes, but it's first and foremost about joy and entertainment.

The awesome cover is once again gifted to us by Ruivo De Oliveira. If you'd like to reach out to him contact him through his page. SBS Book 3: There's No Place Like Home should be available before the end of June. There's very little time left, but if you would like to be a part of the beta read become a subscriber and reply to the welcome mail that you'd like to join the beta reads team.

To all the subscribers, thanks again for taking a chance on me. Work on book 4 & 5 has started. Every thing is plotted. I think the writing quality in 2 has jumped up a few notches - I hope to maintain the same with 3. Thanks for the likes and reviews. Don't be shy though, if there's things you don't like you can mention them - it won't hurt my feelings. It may help to make the books better which is my primary goal!!

Stay Safe! Be Kind! It's bad-guy-hunting-time!


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