• Rhett Sinnema

My First Novella is out

Updated: May 8

Spellbinder Saga Book I: Artemis the Fey available on Kindle Store

Book 1 of Spellbinder Saga. Originally the script for a graphic novel, it's a zany fantasy world in my Nowhere Universe. I plan on releasing one a month and there should be five (or six) in the first series. Your support is so appreciated. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and encouragement. I feel honored.

Readers are saying:

"So spunky and fun"

"vivid images, that make you feel immersed inside the adventure"

"I haven't read a fantasy book in a universe like this before which made it exciting from the start"

The awesome cover is by Ruivo De Oliveira. He is an exceptionally talented human being.

SBS Book 2: Artemis & The Nowhere Junction should be available before the end of May. There's very little time left, but if you would like to be a part of the beta read become a subscriber and reply to the welcome mail that you'd like to join the beta reads team.


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